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Trafcom News Podcast 117: Enterprise social video


Are you using video within your organization in a social context? What about video produced on smartphones?

In this episode of the Trafcom News Podcast you’ll hear an interview with Paolo Tosolini, Director of Digital and Emerging Media at Run Studios, a video production agency in Seattle, Washington. Paolo consults with organizations looking to embrace social media, online video and mobility as part of their internal communications and knowledge-sharing strategy. In his former job as New Media Business Manager at Microsoft, Paolo launched and managed the company internal YouTube platform, “Academy Mobile,” which now hosts more than 35,000 employee-generated videos.
Paolo Tosolini
Here are the show notes:
00:01 Welcome and intro; about Paolo Tosolini of Run Studios
01:26 Paolo’s definition of enterprise social video
02:20 Creating video today quickly and easily with smartphones, especially the iPhone
04:40 Scenario 1: Digital reporting; Filmic Pro app
06:40 Value of editing your video
08:20 Scenario 2: Collaboration; people sharing ideas in rich media format: Google+ Hangouts
10:02 Scenario 3: Webinars to a mobile audience
10:50 Scenario 4: Augmented reality; adding a layer of information on top of the real view
12:12 Scenario 5: Multimedia eBooks; Book Creator app
13:10 The power to create content without a computer
16:00 Managing video content; need a strategy and a structure
16:50 Three pillars: the platform, business processes, spreading the word to employees
18:10 Are Android users out in the cold? No. The Apple ecosystem is more mature, but Android will close the gap.
18:45 Interview ends
Paolo’s presentations at the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen: Mobile video prezi
Enterprise social video prezi
20:01 Next Trafcom News Podcast features an interview with Jarrod Gingras of Real Story Group
20:20 Technical note about how this episode was produced
21:48 Promo code for Donna’s Hands-on Social Media Workshop in Oakville April 13
22:19 Where to send comments; email donna at trafcom dot com or comment here on the show blog.

Theme music for Trafcom News Podcast is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from Music Alley.

About Donna Papacosta

Writer, speaker, podcaster, communications and social media consultant, content marketer and curator. As a consultant, I emphasize the importance of storytelling and relationship-building, and enjoy helping people understand how today’s technology, combined with tried-and-true tactics, can help them communicate better with employees, customers and prospects. In other words: Share your story, build your business.

One Response to "Trafcom News Podcast 117: Enterprise social video"

  • Paweł Banaszak
    04/04/2013 - 8:00 AM Reply

    Your discussion with Paolo on the role of video in the enterprise reminded me about the first time I used video (though not recorded internally) in an enterprise setting. I used to be the spokesman for a small bank that was in start-up mode at the time.
    The company’s CEO appeared on national TV and I shared a recording of him speaking on the intranet. In the note to the employees I wrote that in order not to overload the network it would be best if they viewed the video in groups.
    What that did was it got people who viewed the video together on one screen immediately discussing it. This shows that communicators need to be open-minded and not get fixed on the technical capabilities of the tools but rather think of what will get the people talking.
    The other reflection I’ve had was that some of the solutions (like using AR in the workplace) would require proven business cases in order to get C-suite buy-in.
    Thanks for another great episode of Trafcom News!

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