In this 13-minute podcast, you’ll hear how email and emotion can be a risky combination. Plus, we welcome the debut of PodcastUser magazine and Ron Shewchuk’s employee-communications blog, and talk about the phenomenon of podfading. Last but not least, you’ll be introduced to Sallie Goetsch’s amazing podcasting resources. Comments from David Jones of Thornley Fallis and PhD student Keith Corso (about podcasting in distance education) round out the show.

You can download the show here or subscribe to the RSS feed on this page so you’ll never miss an episode! 😉

Here are the shownotes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:04] Ego, emotion and email: a dangerous mix
[03:30] Tips to avoid email dangers
[04:10] For Your Approval: a new blog about employee communications from Ron Shewchuk
[04:43] The podfading phenomenon
[06:42] PodcastUser magazine
[07:44] Sallie Goetsch’s amazing podcast resource
[08:45] Comments from David Jones and Keith Corso
[12:28] Where to send comments
[13:49] Outro

Links mentioned:
American Psychological Association report on University of Chicago study re: ego, emotion and email
For Your Approval blog
Wired News article on podfading
PodcastUser magazine
Sallie Goetsch’s podcast page 1
Sallie Goetsch’s podcast page 2
PR Works blog by David Jones at Thornley Fallis


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