Do you make presentations? Give speeches? Need to persuade people? Then you’ll want to listen to this 14-minute podcast in which I interview Dave Howlett, a master salesperson and Distinguished Toastmaster. Dave shares his secrets for giving an effective presentation by "selling the story." Here are the shownotes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:35] A little about Dave Howlett
[03:45] Primary purpose of communications is to get someone to change his mind
[04:12] Top three mistakes we make
[05:35] We all have stories
[06:00] If people remember one thing from your presentation, it will be a story
[09:48] Key attributes of good stories
[11:00] How to gear up to make an effective presentation
[13:20] Where to send comments; outro

Links mentioned:
Halton-Peel Communications Association
Dave Howlett
The Magnes Group


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