I’ve never been so hungry after an interview. In this 18-minute podcast, Ron Shewchuk, communications consultant, author, blogger, podcaster and barbecue champion, shares his passions for food and communications and gives us a quick preview of his sold-out IABC International Conference presentation. Here are the shownotes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:30] About Ron Shewchuk
[02:30] The interview with Ron
[15:02] Upcoming mesh conference in Toronto
[15:37] Comment about Georgia College & State University use of podcasts
[16:55] Where to send comments
1[17:30] Outro

Links mentioned in the show:
Writing and Editing the Internal Publication
For Your Approval
Barbecue Secrets
IABC International Conference
Article about Georgia College & State University
Dave Williams


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