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Show #24: The “it” factor: Do you have it? Can you get it?


As part of my series of pre-IABC conference podcasts, this is an interview with Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image.
You’ll want to hear this if you’re interested in branding and marketing! In this 21-minute podcast, Mitch shares his thoughts on the "it" factor and the future of marketing. Here are the shownotes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:55] Interview with Mitch Joel of Twist Image
[20:00] Where to send comments; outro
Links mentioned in the show:
IABC International Conference
Twist Image
Mitch Joel’s blog


  1. Thank You for sharing… I first heard of Mitch at a Search Engine Conference and misplaced my notes. I seen so many speakers that I had forgotten many names. Now that I saw this post, with a link to his website. Funny how things run full circle. Thanks again.

  2. Donna, what an interesting interview with Mitch Joel! I wish I could listen to him more, he is such a visionary. I really enjoyed your interview; I think you should have your TV show! I miss not seeing the faces and you have such photogenic looks.



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