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Show #25: Brainstorming – an interview with Sam Harrison


An interview with Sam Harrison – writer, creativity expert and speaker at the upcoming IABC International Conference on the topic of "Brainstorming Tools, Rules and Fools." In this 18-minute podcast, you can find out

  • why strategic and tactical communications call for creativity
  • why you should "judge not"
  • why Sam’s session won’t be like cotton candy
  • why you shouldn’t strive for one absolutely perfect idea

Here are the shownotes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:14] Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson’s official IABC International Conference podcasts are online
[01:47] About Sam Harrison
[02:14] Interview with Sam Harrison
[16:40] Where to send comments
[17:00] Comments on last week’s show; outro

Links mentioned in the show:
IABC International Conference
Official blog of the IABC International Conference
Shel Holtz
Neville Hobson
Sam Harrison
Joanna Turlej
Dennis Clarke


  1. Sallie, I l think your Brain Exchange is fantastic! I’ve been involved in similar groups with similar results — it’s like having a Board of Directors for creativity! Donna’s right — I certainly didn’t mean to imply that brainstorming can’t be scheduled; as your BE proves, good things can happen when we have a set time for idea-generation with friends, peers, associates. The point I was trying to make is that we shouldn’t always wait for a brainstorming session at some distant time and place in the future. And while it often helps to get away from the workplace, we shouldn’t think we have to get away from the workplace in order to brainstorm. For max efficacy, brainstorming should be integrated into our everyday lives and happen on home turf so it becomes spontaneous, even accidental. To have great ideas, have lots of ideas — which calls for lots of brainstorming! Thanks for your comment — and I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear.

  2. Sallie, this is very interesting. I’m not sure I actually agree with Sam that brainstorming cannot be scheduled. As you say here, I think the point he was trying to make was that it doesn’t HAVE to be scheduled. I’m intrigued by your brain exchange group! Fascinating. Since I’m not sure Sam will be following these comments, I will alert him to your note and see if he has something to add. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Donna.

    I’m enjoying your unofficial interviews, but was a little surprised that you and Sam Harrison don’t think that brainstorming can be scheduled.

    I belong to the Brain Exchange (www.thebrainexchange.com), a group of women that meets once a month to brainstorm according to rules Steve would probably be familiar with (no criticizing of suggestions; outrageous suggestions welcomed). Every month we troop on over to the founder’s house prepared to brainstorm on 7 different questions and maybe ask one of our own. Some nights I have more ideas than others. Some suggestions I get when I ask a question are better than others. But going to the Brain Exchange always wakes my brain up and helps me think more creatively afterwards.

    So while I don’t think that brainstorming requires going on a big retreat (which might just be a distraction anyway), I do think that it’s something you can schedule and even something you can train yourself in.



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