This special edition of the Trafcom News Podcast is based on a presentation to the Alliance of Independent Practitioners of the Toronto chapter of the IABC. On May 4, 2006, as part of a panel on "Harnessing new methods of online communication," I spoke about what independent communicators need to know about podcasting (following an excellent talk by Jay Goldman of Radiant Core on wikis, blogs and RSS). This entire podcast is 16 minutes, and the IABC presentation comprises about 10 minutes. Download the MP3 file of the podcast here. You can download my handout here.

Here are the shownotes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:40] Podcasting defined; you don’t need an iPod
[02:00] Review of podcasts for external communications/marketing, training, investor relations, internal communications, fundraising
[03:20] Example: Interview with Audrey Reed-Granger about the Whirlpool American Family podcast (external)
[04:55] Example: Interview with Kathleen Gilroy of the Otter Group about using podcasts for large-scale training programs; replacing the big black binder
[07:00] Example: IBM and the Future of… podcasts from IBM’s Investor Relations Department
[07:30] Example of audio for fundraising; the YMCA of Oakville’s Give Kids the Chance campaign (Click on “Hear our stories”)
[08:53] Example of internal podcasts replacing old-fashioned cassette tapes; ALTANA Pharma’s podcasts for field reps
[10:00] Podcasts about PR, marketing, communications (see handout for links)
[10:17] Shownotes help listeners navigate podcasts
[10:30] Don’t worry about your job; new media don’t replace old media
[11:04] You don’t need to be an audio geek to podcast
[11:16] Gear you need for podcasting – a quick overview
[12:18] IABC International Conference official and unofficial podcasts
[12:35] Example of pre-conference podcast: Clip from my interview with Mitch Joel of Twist Image
[13:27] Organizations increasingly producing podcasts before and during events
[13:47] Wrap-up of presentation; podcasting is fun, doesn’t require large investment
[14:28] For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report is a great resource for communicators; listen
to Shel and Neville’s interview with Dave Bradfield of iStudio about the ALTANA Pharma podcast project
[15:00] Comments on last week’s show; Bill Belew of PanAsia Biz
[15:43] Where to send comments; outro


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