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Show #29: Positive and unanticipated consequences of networking


Last in a series of pre-IABC International Conference podcasts

In this 19-minute podcast, I talk to Ned Lundquist, who’ll be speaking at the IABC International Conference in Vancouver, about the unanticipated and positive benefits that can grow out of connecting with other human beings.

Ned is communications director at the Center for Security Strategies and Operations, Systems Engineering Group, at the Anteon Corporation in Washington DC. He has more than 20 years of communications experience in the military as well as corporations, and is an accredited, award-winning business communicator.

Here are the shownotes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:00] About Ned Lundquist
[02:10] Not all networking benefits are measurable; need to take a strategic approach but keep in mind that good things happen when you don’t always expect them
[03:03] Example of looking up a scientist in the IABC World Book
[04:35] IABC brings people together; sometimes you don’t know where something will lead
[05:13] Make connections, not only the ones that lead to jobs; empathy between people causes good things to happen
[05:50] Connect to other human beings to make your life more meaningful
[07:00] Ned believes there is a 72-hour window of opportunity when networking
[08:08] If you’re not out there, connections evaporate over time
[08:28] Networking tips for people going to conferences
[09:02] Ned’s advice: If you are not an IABC member when you go to the conference, join
[11:28] Family example of networking; reaching out to a medical professional
[13:07] You never know what will happen after seeds are planted
13:55 Ned’s Job of the Week List: subscribe by sending a blank email to jotw-subscribe@topica.com
[14:20] Personal consequence to Ned of running Job of the Week; connecting to communicators all over the world; selfish altruism
[15:10] Donna’s personal story regarding unanticipated benefits; getting a business lead at a mothers’ picnic
16:35 Comments on previous show, Much Ado About Podcasting
16:48 Dave Traynor comments
17:15 Dave Traynor and I met up at the meshconference this week in Toronto
17:28 Judy Gombita of the Certified General Accountants of Ontario comments on social media and associations’ continuing-education programs; Judy’s comments and discussion of Thom Lowther’s report on the Trafcom News blog
[18:30] Where to send comments; outro


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