You can download the inside story on how to record a podcast right here! Well, this is my way, anyway;-)) Each podcaster seems to have a unique twist on recording. This podcast responds to a question from listener Tom Russell, who asked how the Trafcom News Podcast is recorded.

Here are the shownotes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:45] My production technique
[02:00] Trafcom News Podcast used to be created on a Mac G4 running OS 9; now on a MacBook running OS X
[02:42] Recording in Audacity
[02:59] Preparation needed before planning a podcast
[03:29] Recording with Apex microphone and Art tube pre-amp
[04:30] Phone interviews captured with Telecom Audio VoicePort
[05:00] Edirol R-1 captures phone interviews from VoicePort; also used for field recording
[06:44] What’s a double-ender?
[07:29] Many different ways to record podcasts
[07:43] Start simple
[08:00] Editing with Amadeus and Audacity; soon to be using Garage Band
[09:00] Good books include Todd Cochrane’s Podcasting: The Do it Yourself Guide and Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Podcasting by Michael Geoghegan and Dan Klass
[09:33] Would love to hear from other podcasters; how do they record?
[09:52] Where to send comments
Music for the intro and outro: Beneath Your Surface by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet


  1. Thanks for your information you provide about podcasting, Donna. I really learnt a lot about improving communication and all that stuff!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mark. I know about Podcasters Across Borders and in fact blogged about it a while back. Unfortunately I cannot get to Kingston that weekend. Good luck!

  3. Great talk on Podcast production, Donna.

    If you are interested in learning more about Podcast production, hosting, interviewing, editing, etc… there are just a few seats left at the Podcasters Across Borders ( conference taking place in Kingston, Ontario on June 23 and 24.

    Among the speakers are CBC’s Shelagh Rogers, Kathy Bond and Nora Young, and Podcasters Julien Smith, CC Chapman, Bruce Murray, Bob Goyetche and Leesa Barnes.

    Podcasters from across Canada and the US will be there.

  4. Great topic this week. Terry and I have been doing Inside PR over Skype for a little while now and even tried a double-ender last week. I don’t think we’ve found a consistent sound quality yet, but it hasn’t been terrible.

    Shel Holz was kind enough to give me a complete run-down of how he and Neville record over Skype, so Terry and I have been doing it the FIR way most weeks.

    We have Behringer 802 mixers plugged into the sound card, Apex 435 condenser mics and we record to an iRiver mp3 recorder right off the mixer. Doing it this way allows us to capture our voices on separate channels (one on the left and one on the right). Then when we post-produce in Audacity, we can adjust for each voice as they are on separate tracks.

    There’s also a very handy post at
    which goes into detail about set up and post-production in audacity.


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