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Show #31: Six Communication Truths


Takeaways from the IABC International Conference in Vancouver

Whether or not you’re an IABC member, you’ll be interested in these truisms about communications – the glories of print, the joys of beautiful writing, what it’s like to be chuffed, and the best companions with whom to be trapped in an elevator. You can download this 12-minute podcast right now. Here are the shownotes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome.
[00:52] These truths apply to all communicators, not just IABC members.
01:06 Truth #1: The concept of social media is catching on, but there’s a great disparity between evangelists and naysayers. Example of the packed session with Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and Allan Jenkins.
01:41 Truth #2: Print is not dead. Example of Steve Crescenzo’s session, which was a delight for publication editors who love to communicate in print.
02:18 Truth #3: Even if you write for a living, you still need to refresh your skills. Example: Don Ranly, professor emeritus at the Missouri School of Journalism, used the Wall Street Journal as a model of excellent writing.
03:07 Truth #4: There’s no substitute for face-to-face communications. Example: Meeting my online buddies in the flesh – Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson, Allan Jenkins, Tom Keefe and others. Example: Mark Burnett dislikes pitching by phone; he prefers face-to-face or video.
04:07 Truth #5: Life is not all about business. Example: Humanitarian Stephen Lewis raised the bar when he forced us, through his own passion and commitment, to think about the AIDS/HIV crisis in Africa, and to try to do something about it as communicators.
[04:45] Truth #6: If you’re going to be trapped in an elevator, the best companions are fellow communicators.
06:00 Audio comment from the very tall Neville Hobson.
08:11 Comments from Show #30 on how I record the Trafcom News Podcast. Tom Russell was chuffed; Tom Keefe is inspired to podcast; David Jones shares how he and Terry Fallis record Inside PR; David mentions For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report and an article on Reel Reviews about how to edit with Audacity.
11:08 Where to send comments: email trafcom AT gmail DOT com; phone 646-403-8020 or post a comment on the Trafcom News Podcast page.
[11:48] Outro: Music from Beneath Your Surface by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet.

Vancouver’s harbour


  1. Yes, human touch and connecting with others are absolute essentials.

    As for your brilliant idea about “Survivor – Elevator 3,” I only wish I’d thought of it first!! ;-))

  2. Donna, it’s good to hear your thoughts. Like you, I’ve needed some time to sift through the many ideas, comments and questions that were generated during the IABC International Conference.

    You’ve listed some good communications “truisms.” One common thread is the need for the human touch. Whether we are pitching a concept or pitching in to save lives in Africa, we need to connect with others.

    And while I never want to be caught in an elevator, I guess I missed a golden opportunity to generate my first podcast–if you would have been willing to share your equipment. I think that you would have, because I always carry water and munchies with me–both of which would have been important for the contestants in Mark Burnett’s newest show: “Survivor–Elevator #3.”


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