The power of print and the role of corporate communicators in shaping culture

These are just two of the topics covered in an interview with communications guru Steve Crescenzo, conducted last week in Toronto. In this 21-minute podcast, Steve holds forth on the Great Print Purge, digital natives, the roles of print and online media in employee communications, and much more. Here are the shownotes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome
00:55 About Steve Crescenzo
01:17 Steve’s work with Ragan Communications and his Corporate Hallucinations blog
[02:00] The Great Print Purge; the problem with online publications and the benefits of print
[03:36] Integrating print and online
[06:25] Advice for corporate communicators who feel beaten down
[08:52] Old ways don’t work any more (No more pudgy white guys spewing babble)
[09:17] Digital natives (i.e., younger workers) won’t read boring corporate-speak
[10:50] What about the cost of print? Steve has an opinion
[11:30] Example of a great employee publication: Luvlines from Southwest Airlines
[13:55] What do YOU think of the power of corporate communicators to shape the culture and stand up for editorial integrity?
14:22 Shout-out from Shel Holtz, co-host of the For Immediate Release podcast
[14:48] Soliciting your opinion on a new listener-comments “policy”
15:50 Tom Keefe comments on Survivor – Elevator; link to Tom’s full comment
16:42 Bryan Person knows of the world’s first elevator podcast (Financial Aid Podcast); link to Bryan’s full comment
17:08 Neville Hobson has an elevator story too; link to Neville’s trackback
17:22 Lee Hopkins tracks back: how he records the Comms Café podcast with Allan Jenkins; link to Lee’s post
18:35 Mitch Joel uses Castblaster to record Six Pixels of Separation; asks about integrating social media into PR; link to Mitch’s full audio comment
[21:00] Where to send comments

Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet.

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