Joe_colorThis 23-minute podcast features an interview with renowned voiceover (VO) artist Joe Cipriano. In our discussion, he shares some of his tips for using a microphone properly, for keeping the vocal cords healthy, and for being a success in the VO business (it’s all about relationships, says Joe).

You may not know Joe’s name or face but you know his voice, because he is heard on TV and radio every day — doing promos for Fox, NBC, CBS and other networks, and as the live announcer for the Emmys and Grammys.

You can download the show right here or subscribe through iTunes.

Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Welcome

[01:18] Introducing Joe Cipriano, one of the top voiceover artists in the world. Visit Joe’s blog and Web site and watch him in the Apple Podcast Recipe tutorial. Joe has also contributed to the book, Secrets of Voiceover Success

[02:15] Joe is having a great time doing VO work

[02:41] Joe discusses the biggest mistakes people make when using a microphone: talking too close, pulling too far away; not using a pop filter

[04:46] How to gain experience using a microphone; wear headphones while you record and listen to yourself afterward

[05:20] Does your voice vary day to day? Or is it your hearing? How the weather can affect your voice; how to protect your instrument

[07:00] Techniques Joe uses in the VO booth when recording promos

[09:45] The importance of learning about audio technology (EQ, compression and so on)

[10:30] The Apple Podcast Recipe tutorial

[10:51] Benefits of drinking lots of water

[11:58] Quick chat about Joe’s days in St. Mary’s, Ontario

[13:00] There’s no such thing as a bad voice

[14:44] You don’t need to sound like the “voice of God” to be successful in VO or podcasting

[15:10] Most important: the story

[15:50] New podcasters often focus on the mic and other technology; you need a message first

[16:00] VO hopefuls ask Joe what mic he uses, or what Don LaFontaine owns

[16:48] Advice for newcomers: Opportunities for podcasters to be creative are mind-boggling; never have we seen a time like this when you can conceive of an idea and offer it to the world; new careers are being made every day; VO people need a strong foundation and should go to workshops before making a demo

[19:40] VO business is about relationships; if you do all your sessions by ISDN, you can’t interact in person; in the promo world, 90% of the job is showing up on time

[21:00] Where to send comments

[21:55] Listen to the podcast created by Centennial College students last week during Donna’s presentation on podcasting

Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network


  1. I can not stop reading this. And ‘so fresh, so full of information,
    I do not know. I’m glad that people actually write the smart way to
    show the different sides of him.

  2. The best time is 10:30 when “The Apple Podcast Recipe tutorial”! I like this part!

  3. All these ideas are quite easy to understand and I wonder why I’ve never thought thus. It’s excellent that your blog is full of worthy information for your readers.

  4. This is great thanks cause I’m trying to set myself up to do some good podcasts about my business and people would much rather listen to something then have to read it.

  5. Amazing!I also wish him good luck to defend his gold medal. I like to share it with all my friends and hope they will also encourage him.

  6. Thanks for blogging about my interview with Joe, Stephanie. I appreciate it. I hope your readers enjoy listening to it.

    YES, I will be at Podcamp Toronto. See my Podcamp badge on the Trafcom News Podcast page? ;-))) See you then!

  7. Donna!

    An interview with Joe… good for you! I’ve blogged about your podcast with Joe at VOX Daily.

    Leesa emailed me yesterday and mentioned PodCamp in Toronto this coming February. I hope to attend.

    Will you be there, too?




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