This 20-minute podcast features an interview with Tom Russell of the non-profit foundation, Superwisdom.com. Tom and Fred Lacy produce the Time Out for Truth Podcast, which has helped them to increase their reach and even further build their community. Hear how Tom has become a passionate advocate of podcasting, more so than he ever expected.

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Here are the show notes:
[00:01] Welcome
[01:00] Introducing Tom Russell of Superwisdom.com and the Time Out for Truth Podcast
[01:55] Tom explains why they started producing the podcast “where wisdom meets daily life”
[02:50] The podcast creates an emotional connection with the audience and a sense of community that you just don’t get with the written word
[04:30] Donna had validated Tom and Fred’s idea of a conversation between the two co-hosts; comments from listeners contribute to the dialogue
[06:35] They prepare for the podcast but leave it open to spontaneity; ideas spring forth from their conversation
[07:00] Learning to edit is an art
[07:54] Tom didn’t expect to enjoy the production process as much as he does; now he thoroughly enjoys editing because it lifts the level of communication of the podcast; Tom has fallen in love with the whole process of podcasting
[08:31] Podcasting nourishes your passion; Tom encourages others to take the plunge
[09:55] How Tom and Fred record their double-ender using You Send It to transfer files; they sometimes do three takes then use the best parts
[10:58] It takes time, but after three or four months, Tom can feel momentum building
[11:24] How they promote the podcast, starting with their existing base of 3,500 subscribers; keyword ads; building their list; media interviews
[14:50] Emotional connection of the human voice
[15:15] The podcast has been a success and it’s also a lot of fun; Tom encourages passionate people to podcast
[15:50] Where to send comments: email to trafcom AT gmail.com, call the comment line at 206-338-4200 or post a message to the Trafcom News Podcast blog
[16:10] Comments on the preview show, the interview with voiceover master Joe Cipriano; Donna says Joe liked the show
[17:21] Dave Williams of Conference Village comments and asks questions about the importance of vocal quality in a podcaster
[18:11] Mitch Joel of Twist Image and the Six Degrees of Separation Podcast says he will be more conscious of vocal technique after listening to Joe
[18:40] Anna Farmery of the Engaging Brand Podcast enjoyed the interview with Joe and wants to hear Donna do a show about podcast promotion; Donna says this is in the works for 2007
[19:20] Donna reveals that the next edition of Trafcom News (in January) will be a featured Feedburner podcast
[19:35] How to subscribe to the Trafcom News Podcast

Look for the Trafcom News Podcast on Blubrry.com
Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network



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