Istock_seminarThis 14-minute podcast explains why it’s a good idea to podcast your conference proceedings, and shares tips for getting it right.

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Here are the show notes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[00:55] Trafcom News Podcast returns to a bi-weekly schedule
[01:14] Next time: more on podcast promotion
[01:25] Why podcasting your conference can be an effective way to communicate your message
[01:45] Pre-conference podcasts can generate buzz
[02:29] Podcasts during the conference are an added value for attendees and may draw people who have not attended before
[03:15] Post-conference reviews can be used to promote your next conference
[03:54] Tip: Add an intro and outro or call to action
[05:00] Tip: Edit for brevity; eliminate most ums, ahs an other verbal tics
[05:42] Tip: Make a feed available; you can restrict the feed if you wish by adding a password; thanks to Dan York for explaining this; visit Dan’s Disruptive Conversations blog and his Blue Box podcast
[07:03] Bonus: your employees may want to listen to the podcasts too
[07:43] Shoutout from Paull Young of the Young PR blog and Forward Podcast
[08:57] Comment from Cameron Weckerley of the Road Show Podcast
[10:15] Comment from Ricardo Sá Reston of the Miscelânea Vanguardiosa Podcast
[10:55] Consider producing a Feedburner podcast to promote your show
[11:33] Comment from Corey Taratuta of The Irish Fireside Podcast
[13:24] Come to Podcamp Toronto February 24-25
Where to send comments: email to trafcom AT, call the comment line at 206-338-4200 or post a message to the Trafcom News Podcast blog
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Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network

:::UPDATE: For more information about podcasting your conference, please visit


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