In this 17-minute podcast, I share my thoughts on Podcamp Toronto and play a short interview with Mitch Joel, Luke Armour, Bryan Person and John Wall.
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Here are the show notes:
[00:01] Intro and welcome
[00:55] What’s an unconference?
[03:33] The importance of editing/thanks to Mark Blevis
[04:21] Role of personal branding/thanks to Mitch Joel, whom you can hear at the Power Within in Montreal April 3
[05:04] We have a lot of educating to do when we talk to business people about podcasting/thanks to Chris Penn for his tips
[06:18] My Webinar on podcasting for communicators and marketers on March 20; book your space
[06:40] Panel discussion on “Should your business be podcasting” was recorded by moderator Mitch Joel for his Six Pixels of Separation podcast
Fellow panelists are Michael Seaton of Scotiabank, Luke Armour, Terry Fallis of Thornley Fallis and the Inside PR podcast
NOTE: Here is the Media Archive for Podcamp Toronto
[07:33] Were you at Podcamp Toronto? Send me an email
[08:30] Interview after the first day of Podcamp Toronto with Mitch Joel, Luke Armour, John Wall, Bryan Person
[14:45] Comment from Dave Williams about podcast promos
[15:54] Where to send comments: email to trafcom AT, call the comment line at 206-338-4200 or post a message to the Trafcom News Podcast blog
Look for the Trafcom News Podcast on
Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network


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