If you’re a professional in a niche area, or if you’re a businessperson considering blogging or podcasting, listen to this interview with Ian Hull of Hull & Hull LLP, a recognized leader in  estates and trusts. Their lawyers have written two of Canada’s leading texts on estates law, and have acted in some of the country’s largest and most complex estates cases. This legal leadership continues as Hull & Hull push the  boundaries of legal knowledge with blogs and podcasts.

Please listen and let me know what you think! You can download the show right here or subscribe through iTunes.  Today’s show runs 19 minutes.

Here are the show notes:
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00:01 Intro and welcome
01:50 Interview with Ian Hull of Hull & Hull begins
02:00 Ian explains the firm’s niche area of estate law
02:45 How they started blogging and podcasting; advice from Terry Fallis of Thornley Fallis and the Inside PR podcast 
03:30 Giving out information for free; people come back for advice; audience is general public and other lawyers
04:20 Podcast has opened firm to new level of exposure; people know Hull & Hull through social media
04:55 Feedback from clients and lawyers; cannot give out legal advice
05:50 Growth in business since blog and podcast began
06:33 Clients know you before they come through the door thanks to social media
06:50 Increases trust
07:33 "Be the client"; personal rapport; easier to develop relationships
08:04 How they produce the podcast; outsource the production
09:40 Focus on content; keep it short
11:00 More than 100 shows so far
11:40 Increased visibility in the press; higher ranking in Google
13:00 Advice to professionals in a niche area: roll up your sleeves and do it; easier than you think; remember that you know your content; stand out from the pack and present your knowledge
15:00 Thanks to Ian; wrap up: do research; determine whether blog or podcast fit your communications strategy; outsource where needed; keep at it, even when you’re busy
15:50 Third Tuesday Toronto begins October 15 with a talk by Darren Barefoot
16:58 Comment from Tina Hansen
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