These days I’ve been immersed in a project with a client, helping them to change their boring PowerPoint deck into a compelling presentation. In this 14-minute podcast, with a little help from some experts, I share some tips for making your next presentation memorable.

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Here are the show notes:

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00:01 Intro and welcome
01:00 Is your PowerPoint presentation getting your message across?
02:10 Example of a current project, where the "deck" does not appear to be the best way to communicate
02:40 Typical problems include too much small type on too many slides; ugly visuals; details that should probably be put into collateral material; confusing diagrams
03:05 What if your presentation bores people or doesn’t differentiate you?
04:30 Always ask: "Do we really NEED a PowerPoint presentation deck?"
05:00 Think about the best presenters you’ve seen lately. Here’s my list: Mitch Joel, Shel Holtz, Tod Maffin, Darren Barefoot
[05:30] The best presenters tell a story
[06:10] Common pitfall of using PowerPoint slides as a crutch
[06:50] If the whole presentation is not on the slides, the presenter has to rehearse more and work a little harder
[07:14] The Apple product, Keynote ’08, is a beautiful tool for creating presentations

Some resources for you
07:30 Presentation Zen is a blog that offers many useful tips, advice and examples, such as: keep it simple, surprise people; use natural speech and concrete examples; give meaning to statistics; make people feel something.
09:15 Also check out Great Presentations Mean Business blog
09:27 Beyond Bullets by Cliff Atkinson

09:43 Recap: ditch the small type; get rid of bullet points wherever possible; think BENEFITS; tell a story; don’t use your slides as a crutch; try interesting visuals
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10:30 Promo from Gary Schlee for Talk is Cheap, November 15, Centennial College, Toronto
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12:40 Comment from Andrea Vascellari  
Theme music is "Beneath Your Surface" by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network


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