Welcome to the inaugural podcast for Third Tuesday Toronto, a social media meetup. This audio was recorded at the meeting on January 23, 2008 and features a short interview with Ali deBold, co-founder of as well as announcements about Podcamp Toronto and PRin Canada. It’s only 10 minutes, so listen, eh?

Please let me know what you think! You can download the show right here or click on the player on the right side of the Web page or <a href=”>subscribe through iTunes

Here are the show notes:


NEW comment line: 212-624-0209

00:01 Intro and welcome
00:45 All about Third Tuesday; founded and led by Joe Thornley of Thornley Fallis; sponsored by CNW Group
01:55 About, a social shopping site started by Alex and Ali deBold; Ali and Alex spoke at Third Tuesday in a Q&A facilitated by emcee Eden Spodek of Bargainista
03:00 Interview with Ali deBold; how and why they started; the deal with Slice
07:00 Interview with Dave Fleet of Fleet Street PR and Toronto Runner about Podcamp Toronto; check out the Podcamp Toronto wiki and blog
08:45 Interview with Dave Forde of Profectio Marketing about PRinCanada
09:43 Where to send comments: email to Donna AT Trafcom DOT com, call the comment line at 212-624-0209or post a message to the Trafcom News Podcast blog
Look for the Trafcom News Podcast on Theme music is "Beneath Your Surface" by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network

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