In this 19-minute podcast, you’ll get a peek into the typical podcaster’s bag of tricks. Well, at least my bag of tricks – the gear and software I use to produce the Trafcom News Podcast as well as clients’ podcasts.

Please listen and let me know what you think! You can listen to the podcast now with the player above or download it to listen later. Or subscribe to this podcast in iTunes using the link at the top of this page.

Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome
[01:10] A question I hear a lot: What kinds of gear and software do I need to produce a podcast?
Apex condenser mic
Art pre-amp
Check out USB mics at  Marshall Electronics
Read Victoria Fenner’s blog post on microphones she likes
Pop filter
Mic stand or table stand

Adobe Audition
Garage Band
SoundSoap from Bias
ID3 Editor

Portable digital recorders
Edirol R1
Samsung Zoom H4
Marantz PMD 620

Remote recording
Audio Hijack Pro
Call Recorder
Hot Recorder

Music or jingles
Shockwave Sound
Podsafe Music Network

Listener comment lines

Related services
Blog platform like WordPress or TypePad

[17:16] Shout out to fellow podcasters; tell us what’s in YOUR podcaster’s toolkit

[17:21] Where to send comments: email to Donna AT Trafcom DOT com
18:03 Comment from Sam Deeks

Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network

Sound check (listen to different recording media)

Podcast and voiceover tips from Joe Cipriano (how to make the most of your voice)


  1. Sallie, I think I can forgive you for not memorizing EVERY WORD of my podcast! Thanks for the tip about Audio Shell. Yes, I know you can edit tags in iTunes, but I really like the versatility of ID3 Editor on the Mac.

  2. Hi, Donna.

    I confess I didn’t notice your use of the word “tactics” in the intro until *this* episode.

    A tip for your listeners: I use AudioShell ( to edit ID3 tags in Windows. It’s very handy: you just right-click on the MP3 file and select “Properties” to edit the tags and add album art.

    But it’s also possible to use iTunes to edit ID3 tags on either Windows or Mac.


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