In this podcast, you’ll hear Dave Howlett of explain the three gears of life and of work. It’s a fascinating take on what motivates us and why we sometimes act the way we do. Of course we steer the conversation into the area of employee engagement: An engaged employee is a true RHB.

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Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome
[00:58] About Dave Howlett and what it means, why it’s important; the three gears
[04:32] RHB and employee engagement
[05:28] First gear, second gear, third gear; how the way you act behind the wheel reflects the way you behave at work
[22:00] Check out the resources at and the RHB Facebook page
[23:45] Dave Howlett’s new RHB e-course
[25:00] Comments on Trafcom News Podcast 93 and 92 from Robin Maiden, Dave Guerra, Will Norman
[27:02] Where to send comments: email to Donna AT Trafcom DOT com
Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network.



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