6a00d8345169c669e20134867714b5970c-pi In this 15-minute podcast, you’ll meet Susan Getgood, author of Professional Blogging for Dummies, as she shares practical tips for starting a blog and keeping it going.

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Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome
[00:45] About the new Jump Start series of workshops on digital and social media
[02:11] About Susan Getgood; Marketing Roadmaps blog
[03:15] Blogging seems to be surging in popularity; Susan’s advice for starting a blog
[03:58] What blogs are best at; why they have to fit your marketing strategy
[04:45] Bloggers need a niche
[05:45] Pick the communication tool that fits your personality or company culture; it might not be blogging
[06:30] Which tool is best for your goal and your audience?
[07:00] Advice from Susan on blogging frequency; mix long and short form; keep your commitment to your readers
[08:20] Value of an editorial calendar
[08:55] Why not stockpile posts?
[09:20] How have Twitter and Facebook affected blogging?
[11:12] There are 500 million people on Facebook: Fish where the fish are
[11:37] Susan’s book shows you how to use the various social media tools
[12:44] Always keep in mind WHO you’re writing for
[13:40] Achieving your blogging dreams
[14:36] Comment on Trafcom News Podcast 96 on LinkedIn from Will Norman.
[14:57] Where to send comments: email to Donna AT Trafcom DOT com.

Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network.


  1. Thanks to Donna & Sallie for fielding my question. As a neophyte small business owner with passion and big dreams, I appreciate other women entrepreneurs sharing their expertise. This podcast was informative, clear and well worth the twenty- four minutes I spent listening to it.

  2. Donna,

    I have joined the ranks of podcasters as of last week with da Vinci’s Waking Dream. Listening to your latest show reminds me that I don’t have your great radio voice or polish, but how I love downloading your shows.

    Podcast 97 didn’t disappoint. This 15-minutes segment just left me wanting more.

    LinkedIn Update: I added a new picture to the website, updated my profile, and invited some friends, and am now adding comments once a week.

  3. Joanna, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you enjoyed hearing the interview with Susan. Check out her book! 😉

    I’m looking forward to my Jump Start series too. Should be fun!

  4. Great podcast Donna. I visited Marketing Roadmaps blog and plan to read more of Susan’s blogs. I am looking forward to your 3-part Jump Start workshop.
    Thanks for all the Social Media info you always provide, keeping us up to date with latest in technology.


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