Sallie_GoetschHave you ever thought of writing a non-fiction book? You’ve come to the right place. In this 24-minute podcast, you’ll meet The Author-izer, Sallie Goetsch, who helps turn experts into authors.

Listen to Sallie’s wise advice about the value of having a book under your belt, and how the process of working with a ghostwriter works.

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Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome; about Sallie Goetsch
[02:00] More and more people are looking to write books; the value of having written a book; most business people write a book not so much to make money from its sales, but to reach potential customers and establish their credibility.
[03:39] Positioning yourself as an expert with your book; but your book has to be GOOD!
[04:44] If your book is really good, most people don’t care who your publisher is.
[05:25] You can shoot yourself in the foot by publishing a book that’s not ready for prime time.
[05:50] You’ll find typos even in books published by mainstream publishers.
[06:45] It may cost a publishing house more than $50,000 to produce your book. If it costs you $10,00  in editors and designers and production costs, you may be getting a pretty good deal.
[07:18] How can a ghostwriter help someone who has a book idea? Sallie describes the process of working from the potential author’s ideas, notes, etc. The ghost may record and transcribe interviews, and create an overall structure for the book.
[08:40] A good ghostwriter will capture the author’s voice.
[09:00] You may decide to take your idea to a publisher as a proposal, or publish it yourself.
[09:30] The size of your platform is important; who is going to buy your book?
[11:42] The deeper you’re in a discipline, the harder it is to write at an introductory level.
[13:00] How to get organized before even speaking to the ghostwriter; fallacy that you can move from first draft into proofreading; flow and structural issues usually have to be corrected first.
[15:30] Some of Sallie’s clients aren’t all that interested in writing, OR they are competent writers but don’t want to take the time away from their business.
[16:29] Sallie’s advice to would-be writers: If you really have something that you want to share with people, and you can’t get to all those people one-on-one or through speaking engagements, then you probably need an ebook, a book, or a CD or some way to deliver your message. And you probably need help to do it.
[17:01] Working with a ghostwriter is still work. You need to make time for him or her.
19:00 Sallie answers a question from holistic health coach MJ McConnell about whether a first-time author should publish an ebook; you can read Sallie’s blog post here.
[22:20] Comment on Trafcom News Podcast 97 from Will Norman, who has started a podcast called DaVinci’s Waking Dream
[22:33] Most of us DO have a voice for podcasting!
[23:11] Where to send comments: email to Donna AT Trafcom DOT com.

Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from the Podsafe Music Network.


  1. Thanks to a brilliant effort in publishing your article. One can be more informative as this. There are many things I can know only after reading your wonderful article.

  2. Thanks to Donna & Sallie for fielding my question. As a neophyte small business owner with passion and big dreams, I appreciate other women entrepreneurs sharing their expertise. This podcast was informative, clear and well worth the twenty- four minutes I spent listening to it. Brava!


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