6a00d8345169c669e20134887ae3bd970c-800wiDo you struggle with writing? Do you find it hard to get your thoughts on paper? Or are your readers struggling with your writing? In either case, you’ll want to hear this conversation with Barb Sawyers of Sticky Communication, author of Write Like you Talk , Only Better.

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Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome; what would you like to hear in Trafcom News Podcast 100?

[01:00] Intro of Barb Sawyers of Sticky Communication

Barb Sawyers

[01:58] Why do we complicate our writing with dense jargon? It starts in public school.

[03:00] What is the solution? Write like you talk.

[04:58] Barb reminds people to think through what they’re going to say; be sure to appeal to your audience; make your writing interesting, short. Look for your common errors.

[06:08] The value of simple, clear writing.

[06:48] If you write like you talk, your job will be easier and more fun.

[07:08] Bonding with your reader.

[08:00] Some people insist on indulging in corporate-speak.

[08:45] Is it possible to go too far and be too casual? Yes. It depends on the audience.

[10:00] Barb’s book is an invaluable tool for bloggers, who really need to show their personality in their writing.

[10:30] People engage with people, not companies.

[11:05] Barb offers workshops too.

[11:55] Visit Barb’s website at Sticky Communication, where you can buy the book.

[12:28] Comment on Trafcom News Podcast 98, the chat with Sallie Goetsch about writing books, from MJ McConnell, a holistic health coach in New York.

[13:03] Where to send comments: email to Donna AT Trafcom DOT com.

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