6a00d8345169c669e2014e6030fc82970c-piI’m delighted to bring you these insights from renowned storyteller P.W. Fenton. He publishes the award-winning Digital Flotsam podcast, among others, and has a long history as a broadcast engineer, actor, photographer, musician, songwriter and video producer. I’ve learned a lot about telling stories from listening to P.W., and I hope you will too.

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Here are the shownotes:

00:01 Introduction and welcome; how I was first introduced to P.W. via Shel Holtz on the For Immediate Release: Hobson and Holtz podcast

[01:55] About P.W. Fenton

[03:20] How P.W. Fenton became a storyteller

[05:05] Early influences on P.W., including radio, particularly Jean Shepherd

[07:05] Keys to a good story: beginning, middle, end; start by doing something to get the listener interested; narrate in a way that keeps the interest going and that anticipates the ending and supports your conclusion; need to experience your own story as a listener.

[08:44] P.W. has lived all of his stories; the best stories come from our own experiences.

[09:58] How P.W. produces Digital Flotsam; the importance of editing.

[12:07] P.W. has to enjoy his own stories.

[12:35] P.W. shares advice about the art and craft of storytelling; the importance of reading and listening to stories and finding your own voice.

[13:40] Advantages of audio storytelling vs. written storytelling; much easier to convey intent with spoken words; must write for your own voice and work to your strengths; difficulty of attempting to put P.W.’s own stories into a book.

[16:37] My insights about relevance of P.W.’s comments to storytelling in a business context: Enjoy your own stories; listen to others’ stories; structure counts; best stories come from your everyday experiences.

[18:27] Reminder to visit P.W.’s website and Digital Flotsam

[18:35] Your comments are welcome; where to send comments: Email: donna AT trafcom DOT com, or comment below.

Theme music is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from Music Alley.



  1. Thanks for a great interview. It is always a treat to hear what goes on behind the closed doors, especially with a corporate intranet. The 4 purposes are what all organizations should strive for.


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