In this episode of the Trafcom News Podcast, I share the five communication trends I think we’ll be seeing in 2013. Using the player above this post, you can listen right now or download the MP3 file to listen later. Or subscribe to the Trafcom News Podcast in iTunes using the link at the top of the page.

Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Intro and welcome

[01:12] Trend #1: Responsive web sites; no more pinching and squeezing the screen!

[02:28] Trend #2: More storytelling in our communications; Donna’s interview with Donna Messer on storytelling; blog post about “boring” businesses succeeding in storytelling.

[04:18] Trend #3: The ubiquity of authorship; is everyone writing a book? Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

[04:50] Trend #4: Curation – finding, selecting, organizing and sharing the best of relevant content; Donna’s session at the IABC world conference in Chicago in June 2012; short interview with Rosanne Belczak on how she curates content.

[07:05] Trend #5: The rising tide of content crap. Brilliant Slideshare on how to avoid getting soaked, by Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners; raise your game, build great content for successful content marketing in 2013.

[08:42] Recap of five main trends

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[09:40] Hands-on social media workshop in Toronto, February 16, 2013; information and registration here.

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    • Donna – Thanks for the quick reply. I’m still having issues but it is most likely due to firewall issues at the office. I’ll check it out at home and see if I can get it there! Thanks for your work!


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