Advice for nonprofits getting started with podcasting: An interview with Joe Carleo, APR

Joe CarleoIf you work or volunteer for a nonprofit organization, you’ll want to hear this conversation with Joe Carleo, APR, the founder and executive producer of Advanced Language and Media Services, based in North Carolina. In this 26-minute podcast, we talk about how nonprofits can get started in podcasting.

Here are the shownotes:

[00:01] Welcome and introduction of Joe Carleo, APR

[01:15] Interview begins with discussion of benefits of podcasting for nonprofits

[02:50] Example of podcast Joe produced for PRSA (Public Relations Society of America); measures of podcast success

[05:01] Benefits of limited series of podcasts for nonprofit organizations

[05:35] Value of upfront research and planning; tips from Joe on measurement. What do you want your audience to say, do or think differently?

[07:28] Importance of good production values in your podcast; many low-cost tools make podcasting accessible for nonprofits

[12:30] Engaging with podcast listeners; asking for feedback

[15:20] Using Google Analytics to learn about listeners and demonstrate value of your podcast to board of directors or others

[16:50] Tweaking your podcast based on listener feedback

[18:07] What’s the ideal length of a podcast? Example of For Immediate Release, a one-hour podcast; most nonprofits will start with shorter shows

[21:40] Detailed audience analysis is essential

[22:00] How a podcast can help with fundraising

[23:00] Appreciating the power of Web 2.0; tools constantly evolving

[25:14] Interview ends

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Find Joe Carleo, APR online on Twitter at @JoeCarleoAPR or on LinkedIn

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