Mitch JoelAccording to digital marketing rock star Mitch Joel, business has changed. Forever. So, what are you going to do about it? In his new book, Ctrl Alt Delete, Mitch says we have to reboot and rebuild our business models. If we fail to do this, not only will our businesses begin to slide backwards, but we may find ourselves unemployable within five years.

Mitch outlines five key movements as well as seven triggers that can help us to take advantage of the seismic shift in the world so we can thrive and prosper. In our conversation for this podcast, we focus on the second half of the book, about “rebooting your life.”

Be sure to check out this cool, information-rich website for the book as well as Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation blog and Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation podcast. Last but not least, here is the Slideshare deck that Mitch mentions in the podcast.

Ctrl-Alt-DeleteHere are the show notes:

00:01 Introduction and welcome; about Mitch Joel of Twist Image

[01:25] Interview with Mitch Joel includes:

  • Why this book at this time?
  • The movements in the book
  • How can we think differently?
  • Everyone feels they are falling behind!
  • The “squiggly” career path, today’s reality
  • Individuals entering the workforce today will probably have five to seven careers in their lifetimes
  • Work/life balance or blend?
  • The concept of being a “startup of one”

[14:48] Question from Dan York about using various social media platforms to promote the book

[20:38] Where to send comments; email donna at trafcom dot com or comment here on the show blog.

Theme music for Trafcom News Podcast is “Beneath Your Surface” by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from Music Alley.


  1. Hi Donna, you’re spot-on – I was indeed thinking about running a G+ Hangout on a regular basis; the Trafcom News Hangout perhaps 😉

    In addition to hangouts livestreams are also an increasingly popular video channel in the on-demand conversation space. In this arena Huffpost Live and Twitlive are IMO two of the most valuable livestreams, on a case study basis.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I really enjoyed your conversation with Mitch about his new book. Looking forward to reading it over the summer.

    I had a thought after the very last discussion in the podcast, where you and Mitch talk about continuing the conversation and creating a space for sharing insights with more regularity. What are your thoughts about a Google Hangout to talk about digital marketing and communications? The popularity of hangouts is growing rapidly. With that said, I haven’t read CTRL ALT Delete as yet but I anticipate Joel discusses media channels and the power of video in the book.



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