Ease book coverAre you working on your plans for 2014? Me too. One of the things I’d like to do in the new year is move away from the “crazy busy” mindset. If this is an objective for you too, then listen to my interview with Eileen Chadnick, author of the new book, Ease.

Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC is principal of Big Cheese Coaching. She is a certified coach, accredited business communicator and a former wellness/fitness professional. Eileen brings a multi-disciplined focus to her work, drawing from diverse fields including emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience, to help her clients navigate the complexities, opportunities and goals within their work and life.

Eileen is a contributing writer with Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, where she is regularly featured as an “Ask a Coach” expert. She contributes to a variety of other media on issues related to careers, leadership and well-being. In Ease, Eileen deconstructs the concept of “overwhelm” from a mind-brain-body perspective and gives us a toolkit of ideas that are deceptively simple yet draw from the wisdom of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and the science of positivity. The three major areas she addresses are:

  • Mind full: Organize and focus with the brain in mind.
  • Mindful: Develop conscious and empowering mindsets.
  • Mood matters: Leverage the positivity advantage.

Here are the show notes for this 17-minute podcast episode:

Eileen Chadnick[00:01] Welcome and introduction; availability of Donna’s The Podcast Scripting Book

[03:25] Interview with Eileen Chadnick begins with a discussion of the concept of “overwhelm.” We also talk about “crazy busy” being the new normal, and how to feel good from a mind-brain-body perspective. Eileen shares tips for reining in multitasking, as well as “Ease” tools you can easily integrate into your life.

[15:45] Interview ends; where to send comments

[16:25] Information about Donna’s Hands-on Social Media workshop on January 17, 2014




  1. David, I echo Donna’s response. And glad you enjoyed!

    By the way, my book, Ease, is actually a guide and ‘toolkit’ to help people remember to practice these (and many, many more) ideas all year long. It’s kind of like a ‘resource’ vs. a one-time read. Many of the ideas are deceptively simple but more often than not we forget to apply them in the moment. So your comment is bang on.

    Happy New Year and I invite you to stay in touch:)

  2. Great episode. Thanks for sharing and informing. Let’s see if I can successfully apply this in throughout all of 2014 and not just at the beginning when everything is still shiny and new.


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