truth_8987725_sFresh off a semester teaching audio journalism, and in the midst of writing a book called The Business of Podcasting with Steve Lubetkin, I just had to share these eight podcasting truths with you. I guess I could also name them “things I wish I’d known when I started podcasting.”

Here are the show notes for this 12-minute episode:

1. You will hate your first five episodes.

2. We can tell when you’re reading.

3. Get the tech right.

4. Passion wins over technology  – to a degree

5. Don’t make me dig for your podcast

6. Many people still don’t know what a podcast is.

7. Ignore the snake-oil sellers.

8. Podcasts can build communities.

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  1. Donna,

    This episode is an excellent example of a well-produced podcast that is succinct, easily comprehensible, and quite useful. I’m talking laser-focused here. Also loved the well-placed but no-hype mentions of both of your books.



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