I’ve been sharing blogging advice with my students at the University of Toronto, and I thought I’d include it in a podcast episode as well. Here are the show notes:

[00:01] Welcome and introduction

[03:12] Blog about a topic you’re passionate about and have some knowledge in.

[03:49] Know what you want to accomplish with your blog.

[04:23] Imagine who’s reading it. Who is your ideal reader?

[04:43] Be sure your headlines are compelling.

[05:15] Curate; refer to smart thinking by others.

[05:46] Add multimedia.

[06:06] Amplify your blog content with social media.

[06:38] Check your stats but don’t obsess over them.

[07:50] Engage with readers. Example of the Spin Sucks Blog.

[09:05] Get the technology right.

[09:38] Know your terminology.

[10:11] Where to send comments; comment on the blog or email donna AT trafcom DOT com

[10:25] Comments on Trafcom News Podcast episode 130, the conversation with Steve Lubetkin about our book, The Business of Podcasting.

Commenters are Dave Jackson  and Will Norman

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