This is a short episode that I wanted to get to you before the Christmas season gets into full swing. Short but important, I think. Recently I attended an event hosted by CNW Group featuring keynote speaker Craig Silverman, who discussed how to create and curate trusted content.

Craig is founder and editor of Regret the Error, an award-winning site that tracks and reports on accuracy and media corrections. In December 2011, Regret the Error moved to the Poynter Institute, and he joined the organization as a member of its faculty. He is also a fellow with the Tow Center For Digital Journalism at Columbia University. His research focuses on how news organizations deal with rumors and unconfirmed information, and aims to identify best practices for how journalists can debunk misinformation.

Craig also runs a site I highly recommend you follow: Emergent, which is a real-time rumor tracker.

Craig has generously shared his slides from the CNW Group event. I encourage you to study this deck because it’s filled with essential tips, resources and links. The deck is embedded at the end of this post.

Craig Silverman
Craig Silverman speaking at CNW Group event on Nov. 19, 2014

Here are the show notes for this episode:
[00:01] Welcome and intro; examples of recent rumors and hoaxes about Sarah Palin, Pope Francis and a millionaire high-school student in New York
[02:48] About Craig Silverman
[04:45] Craig’s talk focused on creating credible content, verifying digital content, quashing rumors.
[05:25] Hallmarks of credible content: Is it human? Check provenance of information.
[06:30] Principles of verification: check sources. Is it better to be first or be right?
[06:55] Verify social media information too. How old is the account? Analyze friends, followers, content stream, reputed location and more. Check sources outside of social media. Corroborate.
[07:30] Craig shares tips to verity visual information; refer to the slide deck for specifics
[07:58] How to refute rumors that can damage brands; example of P&G in the 1980s
[09:00] The next Hands-on Social Media Workshop in Toronto is on February 5, 2015 from [9:30] to [4:30] at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Use the discount code “podcast” to save 15%. The early bird price expires December 31.
[09:50] On January 29 Mitch Joel is speaking at an IABC/Toronto event: A Culture of Change: How Brands Thrive in an Age of Efficiency. Here’s an interview with Mitch Joel.
[10:20] Where to send comments; donna AT trafcom DOT com or comment on the Trafcom News Podcast page
[11:01] Comment from David Guerra about Trafcom News Podcast 131
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