Or, “what happens in Vegas goes on this podcast.”

Here’s my report from this year’s NMX show, which, for the first time was rolled into the huge NAB show in Las Vegas. Rather than recaps of all of the sessions I attended, this episode brings you highlights, mainly about podcast marketing and audience growth, plus a few bits of news.

Here are the show notes for this 16-minute episode:

[00:01] Welcome and intro

Mignon Fogarty
Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl) at NMX

[01:40] Highlights from the talk by Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl: consistent format, release date and time. Use named segments and summaries. Ask listeners for iTunes reviews; tell them why. Be sure to maintain an email list and to communicate with listeners directly. Try using Instagram video and Pinterest to promote your podcast. Adding transcripts boosts your SEO. Check Google Keyword Planner before writing the title of your episode.

[04:53] Rob Walch of Libsyn covered marketing advice for podcasters, including: don’t be a Twitter bomber! Be sure to link to your iTunes Store page to grow your audience and get reviews. Your best tactic to get featured on iTunes is to send your iTunes link to your email list. Learn how iTunes search works: it’s very important to put the keywords in your actual title or author field. iTunes does not care about your description field, unless it contains explicit language.

[07:10] Word-of-mouth marketing trumps everything else; be sure to also distribute your podcast on outlets besides iTunes, such as Soundcloud, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, Overcast and more.

[07:35] The length of your show doesn’t matter. The most popular downloads on Libsyn are shows that are more than 50 minutes long.

[07:50] There are lots of opportunities for women in podcasting. Only 12% of podcasters are women, compared with half of bloggers.

Donna Papacosta and Elsie Escobar
Donna Papacosta and Elsie Escobar

[07:59] Great time at the SHE Podcasts gathering at NMX, meeting Elsie Escobar, Jessica Kupferman, and seeing Mignon Fogarty and many other amazing women.

[08:25] Elsie Escobar reminds us that “your mind is your boss.” Remember to relax and breathe.

[08:46] Mark Ramsay shares radio tips for podcasters, including: audio quality matters, length matters (he’s a contrarian on this), and the beginning matters A LOT.

[10:42] People generally share not audio itself, but conversations about audio. That may change with the launch of Clammr, which aims to become the Instagram or Twitter of audio, allowing us to share short clips.

[11:22] More marketing advice from a panel, including gamification of audience engagement. Remember that loyal listeners may “look for legitimate ways to throw money at you.” When you create community, think of it as “badass clubhouse” where people want to hang out.

[13:07] Kudos to Todd Cochrane and the team at Blubrry for developing an app to help Android listeners get our podcasts.

[13:48] The future of podcasting is bright. Closing keynote at NMX was by Norm Pattiz, a veteran broadcasting entrepreneur and now founder of the PodcastOne network.

[15:03] The Business of Podcasting, the book by Steve Lubetkin and Donna Papacosta, is in the copy editing stage. Go to the website to sign up for notifications.

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