Top 7 podcasting questions
That is a Blue Yeti microphone, by the way.

Questions! I hear questions. In this 11-minute episode, you’ll get the answers to seven very popular podcasting questions:

1. How do I explain podcasting in simple terms my CEO can understand?

2. What microphone should I buy?”

3. How do I interview people in other cities?

4. Can I pay Apple to promote my podcast?

5. Podcasting is easy and free, right?

6. Is my voice OK for podcasting?

7. When can I quit my day job?

Links mentioned in the show:

The Business of Podcasting, by Steve Lubetkin and Donna Papacosta

Video about how to listen to a podcast, by Ira Glass and Mary Ahearn

Podcasting gear

Toronto Twitter Workshop

Social Media Tune-up Workshop

Podcasting Workshop (link coming soon!)

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