kaotica eyeball
The Kaotica Eyeball

In this episode, Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin, co-authors of The Business of Podcasting, discuss some of the gear they carry when podcasting at a client location or conference. (Remember to check out Trafcom News Podcast 141, when Steve and Donna discuss working with podcasting clients.)

Show notes

The topics discussed in this interview include: Microsoft OneNote, the Zoom H4n recorder, the Tascam DR44 recorder, XLR cables, The Belkin headphone adapter, the Kaotica Eyeball (pictured), microphone stands, microphone flags, checklists and gaffer tape.

Visit the site for the book for more information: TheBusinessofPodcasting.com.

Also mentioned:

Donna’s Social Media 101 Workshop on February, 3, 2017; use promo code podcast to save 15% off the early-bird or regular price.

Podcast theme music: Beneath Your Surface by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet.

You can get the book right here:


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